You're able to remove a group of Workflow tasks simultaneously, but this can only be done through the iPad. To do this, open patient's Flowsheet or Anesthetic Sheet and follow these steps:

1. Enter the Editing Mode by tapping on the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen:

NOTE: If the Workflow tasks are minimized, press the V button to view all of them:

2. Select the tasks you would like to remove by tapping on the empty circles in the upper left corner of the task card > and then Delete button:

NOTE: Each selected item is marked with a blue check mark in the upper left corner. 

3. Confirm the action by clicking Delete button in the pop-up window: 

4. When finished, click the floppy disk icon to exit Editing Mode:

That's all, the selected tasks are now removed from the Workflow: 

We hope you found this information useful!