If you need to change the medication dose rate for an existing Anesthetic Sheet, due to the changes in patient weight or incorrect value, please manually update them currently on the Anesthetic Sheet. The medication dose for an existing anesthesia will be not updated automatically and will need your confirmation. This is because we don't want the fluctuation in dehydrated patients to be drastically changing the medications, as well as we don't want doses to be changing without the clinician's acknowledgment. If you want to change the dosages, please use your iPad and follow the below steps.

1. Re-weigh the patient and update the weight value in the Patient Information, so that Smart Flow can start to use the most recent weight to calculate doses on the flowsheet as described HERE.  

2. From the patient flowsheet, tap the additional options button (...) > and select Anesthetic Sheet to open the existing one:

NOTE: If there is no existing anesthetic sheets, you will be asked to create a new one. In this case, the Anesthetic Sheet will be created with the updated weight value and no changes in medication dosage will be required.

3. From the Anesthetic Sheet, tap the additional options button (...) > and select  Preoperative:

4. Update the values in both Weight and Dosing Weight fields (note this values may be not the same, but for dose calculation only the Dosing Weight is used), and click SAVE:

5. Go to the Editing Mode of the Anesthetic sheet (by pressing pencil icon in the upper right corner) > tap on the medication parameter to open > tap on the dosage field and delete current value:

6. After the current dosage is re-set, enter required dosage again and tap DONE:

 7. Tap all other medications, one by one, to update the dose. Once ready, please tap the floppy disk icon, in the upper right corner, to exit the Editing Mode.

We hope you found this information useful!