If you were using Cubex before our In Cubex toggle appeared, you may have set up your Cubex integration as follows:

  • All items in Cubex are Not Billable, so when an item is removed from the cabinet, Cubex does not send any details to your PIMS.
  • When an item is performed and initialed in Smart Flow, Smart Flow sends the billing details to your PIMS:

NOTE: For now, integration works in the way when each executed billable item will be transferred to EMR after entering a note into a cell, while Cubex receives only highlighting actions (more about correct billing transferring processes you can read in How the PRN Billing Feature (Precision Billing) works?). 

Given the new feature, you will want to change over to our recommended setup:

1. Turn all Cubex items to Billable so details are sent to your PIMS when an item is removed from the cabinet:

2. Turn all Smart Flow items that are in Cubex to have In Cubex set to On (for example, as it's set for Acepromazine on the screenshot below), so no billing details are sent to your PIMS when these items are executed:

NOTE: If you are on ezyVet 22.8 or later, there is an ezyVet feature to facilitate turning "In Cubex" to "On" for items that you have already identified as "Sync with Cubex" in ezyVet.

We hope you found this information useful!