If you prefer to have the patient's Medical Reports sent to the specified email after its discharged (more about discharging is HERE) you can set this up by going into the Documents Management section of your Settings.

To do this, go to Settings > Documents Management, there you will see the After Discharge column, please set the Merge Reports into One PDF and Send Email options to YES:

Once it's turned to YES the documents will get automatically emailed to the address specified in the Email Address section right after the patient's discharge. You can always change the email address, just enter a new one and click Change.

NOTE: To have the Send Email and Save to Disk options available, you should turn the Export Documents to EMR toggle to NO, but if you're not integrated with the EMR, it will be unavailable (grayed out) by default.

Also, you can work with patients' records before discharging them, to learn more about it, please click HERE. 

We hope you found this information useful!