There are two types of accounts your practice could have in SmartFlow and check by going to the Settings > Users:

- Primary account is an account that is created for your main clinic email (also called SFS email). It's always shown as a first item in the list with the Manager's (Level 6) role and can't be deleted from the customer's perspective. Considering it any edition/changes with the account should be agreed with your Customer Success Specialist and passed to our Support Team by submitting a Support ticket or BUG report:

- Secondary account is any account added to your main clinic email as a user with corresponding Role and Permissions. Its First name, Last name, Role, Training, and SFS Account Statuses could be changed manually by anyone with a Manager's permissions as well as deleted if needed.

NOTE: If you'd like to change the secondary user's email the system will recognize this change as the addition of a new user and will charge you for another training (more about it you can find in How to Add a New User Without Enrolling in Training?). In case, this user has already passed training and requires just an email update or correction, please, add him/her by following instructions described in How do we add more staff for Training?

ALSO NOTE: That it's not possible to use both primary (for example, generated Free Trial) and secondary accounts created for the same email since the system will recognize the primary one as the main and will log you into it each time. You will now not be allowed to add a Primary SFS email to any other account as a Secondary email address:

However, if this has already happened, read THIS article to find solutions.

We hope you found this information useful!