If you are integrated with PIMS, but none of your patients had patient's records attached after the discharge, the reason could be related to the ability of your PIMS to recognize these reports. Not all PIMS recognize different forms generated for your patients and then transferred from SmartFlow so, as a result, the only Flowsheet PDF is sent. 

Since the only one document can be transferred, we have made an option that could help you to have all your patient's documents successfully sent to PIMS as one single file - Merge into one PDF (more about discharged documents managing you can find HERE). Once it's turned to YES, the SmartFlow system generates one PDF document from all reports available for this patient after discharge and sends it to your PIMS so they would be saved there without any obstacles:
NOTE: You should discuss this matter with your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager when integrate/re-integrate with another PIMS that doesn't support all files recognition to prevent any inconvenience (for example, VisionVPM or SpecVet).

In case, documents were transferred well but then stopped and you're sure this toggle is turned to YES, please contact our Support team as it's described in How to submit a Support ticket or BUG report?

We hope you found this information useful!