In case you notice your Smart Flow application won’t connect from the iPad as well as you receive DNS server errors on the web, please notice some recent changes in DNS that aren't quickly recognized by some providers. There are some troubleshooting steps we would like to suggest you to mitigate the issue. 

1. Try opening from Safari. If it doesn't help then there will be a necessity in working with DNS Settings.

2. Change DNS Settings on the iPad connected through Wi-Fi and check it once again. Please be aware that instructions on this matter are different for iPads connected through Wi-Fi or Cellular (more details about it you can find HERE).

From the iPad's home screen, tap Settings and select Wi-Fi network you're currently using:

Right at the bottom of the page you'll find DNS column with an option to Configure DNS:

Click on it and select Manual:

Once it's clicked, you'll be offered to Add Server. The new DNS server should be entered are for Cloudflare company's version, in association with APNIC, and is located at with the backup  

NOTE: If you enter more than one DNS server, be sure to separate the servers with commas.

3. Tap Add Server, then in the new empty listing, type in the DNS server IP address, and repeat for a second listing if a redundancy option is available. Once finished, tap Save in the top-right corner and check if Smart Flow works now:

The same process can be used to change the servers again at a later time, or to revert back to the connection's default. To use the DNS server the Wi-Fi network specifies, change from Manual back to Automatic.

NOTE: That this change will only apply to a specific Wi-Fi network, not for all networks. This setting needs to be changed on all Wi-Fi networks you wish to use a specific DNS server through.  

We hope you found this information useful!