Occasionally, after you've created a Form and begin to use it, you may find that some data from the Patient Info (like client First/Last Name, Phone Number, Pet's Name, etc.) is not populated to the form automatically. In case all the data in the Patient Info section is displayed correctly but is still not transferring into the form we recommend you check if any of the below possibilities could be the way to solve this issue.

The property added to your Form doesn't have a direct root with the patient info item and remains unpopulated.
The issue happens when the regular property is used instead of default one (more about the difference between default and regular properties you can find HERE). Therefore, if the Internal Name (for any parameter that should be transferred from the Patient Info) is different from the default name, the data will not be populated in the form. 

For example, let's check patient Lucky. Although all the Patient Info is entered correctly:

We encounter that in the Surgical Consent Form not all the data is transferred properly. While the Last name, Home phone, and Pet's name were auto-filled, the First name was not:

From the property settings, it can be seen that the First name property has such an Internal Name which, by default should be first_name and can't be deleted, while it's not.

Correct property that will be transferred to the form

Incorrect property that will not be transferred

All that needs to be done in this case is to find the correct default property and insert it for the previous one. Once it's done, click Save (you can find out more about editing forms in THIS article). This changes will be applied to all patients created after the correction as soon as your iPad is synced, it will also be transferred to the appropriate form field:

Please ensure that you use the correct parameter on each form then Save the form and Send to iPads.

NOTE: If you are integrated with EMR and admit a patient via EMR, it is not possible to populate all data into both the Patient Info section and Forms (more details on it is HERE).

We hope you found this information useful!