Unfortunately, currently Animana - Smart Flow integration does not include automatic upload of billing items. Therefore, the Product section of the Animana Patient File should be filled manually, based on the Smart Flow Billing Report. Surely, with time, as developments are made in the integration, we will make will improve this functionality and minimize any inconvenience for you. For now, we would like to advise you follow the next steps to obtain appropriate billing.  

1. Once the generalized Patient Records file is uploaded to Animana, please open the Billing Report page (or simply download a separate Billing Report from the Archive): 

2. Go to the appropriate Patient File in Animana and open the Product tab:

3. Find the matching Product in the list, enter the Quantity, Batch number &  Expiration, and then click OK:

4. At this point, the Product will be added to the Patient File and can be billed accordingly: