Usually, in order to complete the execution of any parameters from the flowsheet it is enough to just put your initials in the cell. In this case, if the item given to a patient is billable, when you put your initials, you will see a small green triangle:

However, the current stage of Animana - Smart Flow integration does not include automatic transfer of billing items, thus the Product section of the Animana Patient File should be filled manually based on the Smart Flow Billing Report. Surely as the integration develops, we will have a more convenient solution you. In the meantime, we would like to give you a few tips to obtain appropriate billing in the easiest possible way. 

Since you will need to convert the Billing Report from Smart Flow into the Product list manually, it's very important to input and represent all data accurately so that it is copied across correctly, thus ensuring correct invoicing:

1. First, it's important to input all the data in the Billing Report, that's why we recommend that you do not  simply use initials, instead, also include a brief note in the cell regarding the product batch and expiry details (ie. batch/expiry):


2. Please be aware that since the input is longer than 4 characters, you will be asked to confirm that this item is a billable one. Please do this by clicking YES in the Billing pop-up window:

3. Now in the Billing Report this item will contain a batch/expiry note that can be manually replicated on the Product list:

Please find more details on how to convert the Smart Flow Billing Report to Animana manually.