Now you can benefit from an automatic billing transfer within Animana - SmartFlow integration. Please follow the instructions below to enable this feature.

NOTE: If necessary, you can still manually convert the SmartFlow report to the Animana invoice by following THESE instructions.

1. Login to your manager's web SmartFlow account > go Settings > scroll down and select EMR settings button:

To enable billing integration, make sure that Send Billing & Medical Records to EMR and Send Anesthetic Billing & Medical Records to EMR toggles are switched to ON:

2. Currently, the integration supports the automatic sending of the PDF reports to Animana, so please make sure that your Document Management section is set up correctly (please find more details 

If you would like to receive all the PDF reports by email instead, make sure the Email Address is correct. 


3. Go back to the Whiteboard and select the required patient. Always make sure that the Doctor section is filled in, as it is crucial for proper billing:

4. From now, you can perform the treatment. To execute any parameters, please tap on the cell and enter your initials. If the given item is billable, you will see a
 small green triangle next to the parameter after execution: 

This green triangle means that this item is billable, the processing was successful, so it has already been transferred to Animana.


NOTE: If the triangle is red, it means that the item is not billable, and therefore it will not be transferred.

5. View all the executed treatments in Animana > Uninvoiced section:

From here, you can view all the treatments transferred instantly from the SmartFlow flowsheet. Also, you can edit or delete an item from the Animana invoice:

NOTE: All procedures in Animana are listed one after another, and their order cannot be changed.

We hope you enjoy these new features!