Please be aware that Animana will not automatically receive any pdf Patient Records from Smart Flow,  however, you will be able to access and download them at any time! For your convenience, we recommend you to set up your Smart Flow account so that all the Patient Records are automatically sent to your email after the discharge, this will make it easier to then upload them to the Animana account manually from your email

For this, please open your Smart Flow web account > click on the user icon in the top right corner > go to the Settings > Document Management and set the Send email toggle to YES

NOTE: Always check and enter the appropriate email Address to ensure all the records are delivered. Once the email is sent, please click on the Change button below to save it for future use.

For your convenience, we recommend to merge your pdf reports, set your Merge Reports Into One pdf option to YES, so that after the patient is discharged you will receive one generalized file for further upload to the Aminana Patient File.

From this page, it is also possible to adjust the list of the Files to Retain After Discharge:


 For any records you do not need to save after the patient discharge, set the toggle to NO.