From the technical point of view Fixed and Non-fixed Time Templates are separate template lists. And for clinics that have an integrated EMR, utilization of both template types at the same time may result in incorrect system performance.

Currently EMR does not pick up the two different lists of templates at the same time, as a result, it will not sent the second one at all (e.g. it's dependent on the ezyVet Boarding Module in ezyVet). For example, if you, having an EMR integration, use Non-fixed Time Templates for the main practice, and a Fixed template for the Boarding facility, it won't pick up the fixed template. So what we recommend is to make a dummy template in the list of Non-fixed templates (ie. Boarding), that can be seen from the main practice list. This template should be equal (including the name!) to those that will be used in the Boarding board (discover how to convert fixed & non-fixed time templates HERE), however, it will not be used directly by you. This template should only be created and stored to ensure proper communication between EMR and Smart Flow:


When the patient is initially admitted onto the Boarding whiteboard, using the template called Boarding,  Smart Flow will grab the fixed Boarding template and set the patient up correctly. So that EMR will receive all the data.

We hope you found this information useful!