Sometimes it can be useful to record a video of any unexpected action of the Smart Flow application and attach it to the support ticket. While on the web, you can use the Vidyard application (please find more details HERE), on the iPad, the easiest way to make a recording is to use the screen recording feature. In case you do not see the screen recording option on your iPad control panel, you will need to add it through the settings. 

In iOS 12, the latest version of the iPad's operating system, you can open the control panel by tapping the top-right corner of the iPad display where the battery indicator and Wi-Fi icon are in the status bar. With your finger pressed against the screen, slide it down toward the middle to revealed the control panel. Remember, your finger must start at or near the battery indicator in the status bar (you can find out more about the Control panel HERE).

Go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls  on your iPad, then tap the “+” button next to Screen Recording

Remember that the iOS on your iPad should be updated to the last version:

Then to start the recording, go to your iPad Control Panel and click on the Screen Recording button (it will count down 3 seconds before the actual recording starts and when it is recording the icon will show in RED and flash): 

Navigate through your testing whilst the recorder is on and once done, click on the Screen Recorder icon and the recording will stop and automatically save to your iPad photo gallery:

PLEASE NOTE: If the screen recording requires sound, it is IMPORTANT to hold down the screen record Icon until a Microphone audio icon appears and make sure that this icon is turned ON - when it turns RED it is turned on. For more details, please read THIS article. 

Once the video is recorded, it can be attached to the ticket as usual.