If you put a note into the cell and then can't see it appearing in the Notes section or the Notes report, please read this article to prevent a common input mistake. 

Depending on the way the note is entered in the cell, Smart Flow recognizes it differently. For example, if a Note is a single word (or any phrase without spacing), it will be recognized as initials that only indicate treatment execution. Therefore this note will appear in the Billing report and Medical records as an indication that a treatment procedure was carried out, but not in the Notes section. However, if the Note contains more than 2 words (with a spacing between them), the Note will be identified as a technical note and will be observed in the Notes section. This note can be used by your colleagues and would be crucial for further healing.

For example, we have an item called Ionized calcuim on the flowsheet that was executed 3 times with some notes entered in the cells:

However, only two of them will be in the Note section as well as Note Report

We can assume that the input notes were entered in a different way, and thus are presented differently in the reports. If we take a closer look at the items, we will discover this difference:

Two items are seen in the Note section: TB - 1.56 and sh - 1.35, are spaced out, thus they are recognized as several words. While the note sh-1.35that didn't appear in the Notes section, is not spaced out and is assumed to be a single word.

In order to adjust this note and make it visible in the Notes section, it is necessary to add spaces accordingly - sh - 1.35:

And it will appear in the Notes Report as well:

NOTE: The way you input initials/notes into a cell will make an impact on how they are transferred to ezyVet (if you're integrated with it). You can find out more information here Why monitoring items are coming into Notes section?

We hope you found this information useful!