If your clinic has already gone live and changes of the general settings may affect any other clinic staff, please follow the steps described below instead of THIS article. We strongly recommend following the guidelines below if any other staff is currently working, especially for admission / creation patients. 

1. First make sure you are signed into Smart Flow web account under Admin > click on the account icon, in the top-right corner of the screen > go to Settings > General and check the toggle labelled Fixed Time Templates

NOTE: As you can see from the screenshot, as a default, this option is toggled to NO, meaning that templates are not in fixed time currently. Thus in the example below we will describe how to make Non-fixed Time Templates - Fixed

PLEASE NOTE: If the Fixed Time Template option is set to YES for the clinic, please follow THIS instruction instead of the steps described below. 

2. Once it's checked, please go to the Whiteboard and create a Test. Select the template that you want to change (ie. Canine GP Template, non-fixed time) and click Show More Information to set the proper time to start the template: 

For this please click on the Treatments Begin at field and set required date. Check the Whiteboard field, this test patient should be created under any Whiteboard except BoardingIf everything is correct, click DONE:

NOTE: It's very important to set the correct initial time! Make sure you set it at the time that you want the treatments to begin, so when it is saved into fixed time, they will always begin at that time. If you need to change the start time of your treatments, you can simply click Change the Template button on the right hand side of the screen, then set new Treatments begin at time and click DONE

3. Once the patient created, please open the Edit patient info window and change only the Whiteboard to the Boarding in which all the templates are Fixed:

4. Now when your patient is in the Boarding Whiteboard, please save this template as. It is possible to save the template with the same name, since it will be saved as a Fixed-time one: 

5. You can easily check if it's saved properly by going into your Settings > Treatment Templates. Our example, Canine GP Template, is now presented in two variants: Fixed and Non-fixed:

NOTE: You can use the same test patient to convert multiply templates, however please always pay attention to the Whiteboard the test patient in (use the Boarding board for the Non-fixed templates).

To go from Fixed time templates to Non Fixed time template, you are going to do the exact same steps but initially the test patient should be in the Boarding board, while in the General Settings the Fixed Time Template toggle is switched to NO. In case the Fixed Time Template option is set to YES for the clinic, please follow THIS instruction instead.