When your clinic has set Fixed Templates to NO (check on the web Settings > General), and uses the Non-Fixed Time Template, you may find that some of the highlighting does not get transferred over (you can find out more about this HERE) whilst some highlighting is moved. This often occurs when you Add 24 hours to the template using the Copy button. The reason for this change is that some highlighting has been added manually, simply by tapping on a cell in the Edit flowsheet mode on the iPad or clicking on a particular cell using your mouse (instead of setting the appropriate highlighting frequency for the parameter using the pop up window).

Such system behavior is programmed based on the patient's security. Please note that this is safe since the beginning of the treatment is counted not from the time set in the parameter's settings of the previous day but from the last real treatment (i.e. what is confirmed by cell highlighting). If the user starts the timer of the treatment in the parameter's editing window and then changes the highlighting for this patient manually, the counting frequency of the treatment made by the system will be moved. If highlighting is changed manually without being updated through the editing pop-up window our system will recognize the last highlighted cell as the first one, instead of Continuing every (hour) as per the time set in when the parameter was added to the flow sheet. 

For example, if we manually change highlighting for the last hours of the Temperature, Resp. rate and MM parameters,which were originally set to continue every 6 hours, on Day 2 as illustrated below:

Then click on Add 24 hours and press the Copy button, you will notice that once you open the next day, all highlighting for these three parameters is moved across according to the last highlighted cell:

In such instances, click on the parameter and change the treatment frequency to the appropriate schedule for the affected day. The system will recognize the update and set the correct Continue every (hour) frequency for the parameters needed.

NOTE: In case the clinic has set Fixed Templates to YES (check on the web Settings > General), or the changes were made to the fixed time template (eg. if the patient is in Boarding treatment room, find more details HERE) all highlights from the flowsheet (both added through parameter properties and by tapping manually to a cell) will be copied to the template (after Add 24 hours) as expected. 

We hope you found this information useful!