As you may know there are 5 different parameter types available to make your work more convenient. Each of them has special features that you can take advantage of. Among them, you can find two compound types: Picker List and Group. It is crucial to differentiate between the two during the search process. This is why we have some special abbreviations (combination of letters) before the parameter name that can be recognized by the system when searching. Please note that these special abbreviations will not be displayed on the flowsheet. The abbreviations are PL for Picker List parameter type and GC for Group Code.

From Settings > Parameters page

If you need to find a specific Picker List / Group  parameter and edit it please just enter PL / GC combination in the search bar:

Once it is done the system reflects parameters with corresponding Picker List / Group Code types in the list. You can select the appropriate parameter with PL / GC abbreviation to edit.

From the patient's flowsheet 

When you need to add a parameter to the patient's flowsheet and click the + button near the required section, the system opens the Add Parameter window, from this window you can find any parameter you require. For your convenience, to find and add a Picker List or Group  parameter you may simply type PL / GC . For example, to add a particular Picker List parameter to the Activity section, enter the PL abbreviation into the search bar and the system will reflect all parameters with Picker List type in the drop-down list:

From web:
From iPad:

When we select and add a parameter with the PL abbreviation (named PL: PickerList in the example above) as usual, the system adds that parameter to the patient's flowsheet and it appears without the abbreviation:

NOTE: These abbreviations are recognized by the system and only shown in the drop-down list when we search or parameter's list but will not be visible in the Display Name of the parameter when it's added to the flowsheet or edited.