If you have Cubex connected but the Sync with Cubex button isn't available, this could simply mean that your settings need to be changed.

Generally, the Sync with Cubex button on the Preoperative page has 3 conditions:

1. The button is present and available to be clicked. 
It means that Cubex is set up correctly and fully connected to your SmartFlow account. In this case, a patient could be created and the information about the patient will be pulled from Cubex.

2. It is missing/absent.  

Such cases could happen due to the following reasons (you would need to check which of the below is applicable):

- Cubex is not connected;
- It is missing for those patients who were created before Cubex was connected;
- It can also be missing if the iPad was not synchronized.

3. The button is present but it is disabled (the button is impossible to be clicked on).
If the patient was created in SmartFlow and the information from Cubex is not pulled up (for example, the wrong patient identifier was entered), then the button will be in the disabled mode. Until the patient is pulled from Cubex, the button will not be active:

We hope you found this information useful!