In order to optimize the login utilization, we propose that you adjusting your Auto-logout settings. For this, please log in to manager's SmartFlow web account, go Settings (the silhouette icon on the top right corner of the SmartFlow web page) > Security:

Scroll to the bottom of the page to the Auto-logout section. Here you will see a list of options (for different roles/clinic staff) that can be assigned to a user along with the ability to set each role to auto-logout separately. Our recommendations for these settings are listed below:

When choosing these settings, try to select the appropriate settings for each staff member according to how the staff in your clinic use SmartFlow.

  • Do you have many doctors logging in from home?

  • Do your Receptionists use SmartFlow constantly or can it be long periods of time between uses?

  • Are treatments happening throughout the day or all at a fixed time hours apart?

NOTE: Please do not worry, the Auto-logout setting will not log you out of the system while you are working.

Try it out and see how this works for your clinic. If your staff can't get logged in because there are never enough open logins, try adjusting your auto-logout settings. If the problem continues, then you may need to purchase more logins (see how to do this HERE).

We also recommend always using@whiteboard@, before your clinic's email address, for all clinic TV Whiteboards, so that logout times will be set to NEVER for your whiteboard display(s) (please find more details HERE). 

We hope you found this information useful!