In case you have manually added some highlights to a flowsheet (not through the parameter properties, but manually tapping on a cell in the Edit mode), when saving this flowsheet as a template, those highlighted cells may or may not be applied to a saved template, depending on the type of flowsheet used. 

In case the clinic has set Fixed Templates to YES (check on the web Settings > General), or the changes were made to the fixed time template (eg. if the patient is in Boarding treatment room, find more details HERE) all highlights from the flowsheet (both added through parameter properties and by tapping manually to a cell in the Edit flowsheet mode) will be saved on a template as expected. 

However, in case of adjusting highlighting for a Non-Fixed Time Template, only the highlights that were set through changing the parameter settings will be saved, while the highlighting that was set manually, by tapping the cell, will not be applied to the template. 

We hope you found this information useful!