When necessary it is possible to exclude any treatment cell from execution, as well as restore it. To do so, open the patient's flowsheet on the iPad and find the parameter that you would like to cancel (for example, Temperature at 12 pm). 

Press and hold the cell that you would like to change for this parameter to open treatment mode. Once the execution window for this particular parameter opens, you will see an X button which allows you to choose whether to cancel the treatment or remove the cancel status for it:

  • When the X button is blue - the treatment cell has the "canceled" status:

  • When the X button is transparent - the treatment is active:


Click on the button to set the appropriate status for the particular treatment cell and then click Done or Next button to save your choice.

If some cell's highlighting was marked as canceled due to the fact that the execution was missed or the highlight moved, you could remove the canceled status for a single treatment cell also so that the required treatment can be executed. 

In this case click the X button in the execution window for the treatment cell with the canceled status, so that the system will change the canceled status to the active one. All changes will automatically be saved on the patient's flowsheet only after clicking the Done or Next button.

NOTE: The canceled treatment will not appear in the Billing Record, as billing will be turned OFF automatically for the cell with the canceled status, and will not be sent as an event to PIMS.

We hope you found this information useful!