In case you occasionally miss/forget to execute the treatment of a certain parameter at the proper time, you have an ability to move the highlighting for the missed treatment by selecting only that specific affected cell. In this way, you would not have to move highlighting for all further hours or re-highlight them making the process less time consuming and efficient. 

If you are executing any item that has passed the due time (for example, let it be Resp.rate), press and hold on the next cell to open the iPad treatment mode

NOTE: From the Medical Record point of view, you need to acknowledge the execution of such procedures by inputting relevant data/values after performing the procedure, so enter the required value into the cell as usual. Considering that you did not perform the treatment on time, it can be useful to cancel the previous treatment by clicking the XV button. Once it is clicked, any previously highlighted cells without any notes will be marked X, so that the treatment will be recognized by the system as non-executed (you can read more about cancellation HERE):

Once it's done, you need to click on the Done or Next button (which is situated at the top right corner of the pop-up window) to confirm these actions and thus the canceled cells will be shown as non-executed while the ones with quantity won't have highlighting. 

As a result, the information about that canceled treatment does not appear in the billing record.

NOTE: If you don't push the Done or Next button, but simply close the pop-up window or click somewhere else (on the outer cells) none of your actions will be saved. This function requires to follow both steps: first making necessary changes and then pushing the Done or Next button.

We hope you found this information useful!