We understand the necessity to modify the existing property, delete it from the form, set as required or make it auto-filled. For this, from the web go to the Settings > Forms and open the necessary one. 

When you hover the cursor to any property, the action buttons will appear: to move it, set Autofill, Edit, set as Required, or Delete.

To move/change the location of a property in a form, please click and hold to the left of the property name and drag it to the appropriate place. The property can be easily modified by clicking the pencil icon right after the property name:

It is also possible to make the property field required, this will prevent finalizing forms without completing the necessary fields. To do that click the star icon, and after the property name  a '*' will appear.   

NOTE: We strongly recommend that you always make the Signature field required.

In addition, it is possible to Autofill the property with the information from the previously finalized form, so that it's not necessary to re-enter the same information on different forms each time. By pressing the Autofill button you can paste information from the previous forms with no worries.

Once the Autofill button is clicked it becomes blue, and the selected field will be auto-populated for this form only:

NOTE: Please be aware that the same property can be automatically filled in one form, while for another it is still necessary to fill it out manually. Thus, considering your needs, each property can be configured for a specific form separately.

We hope you found this information useful!