In case there is at least one billable item in the group, this group parameter will be marked with a small green triangle in the bottom left-hand corner of the cell (you can read more about it HERE) both on the web and iPad. Moreover, it will also be present in the executed cells on the flowsheet for this parameter, as well as in the workflow section:

For example, the Group Catheter parameter includes three billable parameters (to check the group content, please open the application on the web, go to Settings > Parameters and open the necessary one):

So, once the Group Catheter is added to the patient's Flowsheet and/or to the Workflow section and executed you can find all billable items in the Billing Report:

NOTE: If you'd like to have all included items billed then they should be created already, as well as mapped appropriately with billing turned to ON (if you have an integrated EMR). 

We hope you found this information useful!