Once you decided to use form for the patient creation or adding form for the specific patient in the hospital you could see some different button at the right top corner of the form template and at the bottom of it (more about form creation you can read in How to create forms?):

All of them have their special purposes:

1.  Save button will save all the information field into the form, however the form will remain unfinalized. So later it can be found  (Where to find finalized and incomplete forms?), edited and finalized before discharging the patient. 

2. Submit button (or whatever the button is renamed to at the bottom of the form) works in the same way: after clicking it, any data entered into the form template will be saved and could be edited later while the patient is on board. This duplication of buttons was done for your convenience, while the Submit button always indicates the end of the form, this ensures that the form has been completely read and checked before clicking on it.

It may be useful to rename the Submit button to Click Finalize (top right) so that it will remind you to finalize the form as they go. It is important to complete the forms once they are ready so that the patient can be successfully discharged without having to return to the form later.

3. Finalize button: once it is pressed then there is no way back, all the data entered will be converted into the PDF file and could not be edited further. Unlike the Save and Submit buttons, the Finalize button always prompts to fill in all the required fields, so an incomplete form cannot be finalized, but only saved.

NOTE: If you create a patient by filling the form first there will be only two buttons available, Save and Submit. However, since the entered patient information is crucial for further hospitalization, this form will be finalized instantly after pressing any of these buttons.