Flexibility is one of the most useful and suitable features of Smart Flow form creation and it enables you to preview, adjust and edit your existing forms quite easily. 

The Edit Form option allows you to change the name and settings of a specific form, and can easily be accessed by clicking the pencil icon next to the form name:

Upon pressing it, an Edit Form popup window will appear:

Make any necessary changes here, click DONE, and then SAVE.

NOTE: Any changes to the form should be saved by clicking the SAVE button above the form preview. If you want to save the open form under a different name (or as a copy), please click SAVE AS button and enter new name.

If the modified form is already published on clinic's iPads, to implement changes, you should click REMOVE FROM IPADS and then SEND TO IPADS buttons above the form preview: 

PDF PREVIEW: Allows you to preview of your form, prior to publishing it.

SEND TO IPADS: Sends (publishes) the saved form to all connected iPads.

REMOVE FROM IPADS: This removes the published version of a form.

SAVE: Saves created form.

SAVE AS: Allows you to save the form under a different name (or as a copy).

If you want to remove any form that is no longer needed, you can do this by following THESE instruction.