The PROPERTIES option allows you to create customized forms that you can adopt according to your clinic's needs. 

It is accessible on the right-hand side of the Forms page:

First, please note that there are already default properties below the Property heading and when creating the form, you can search through this list to see if the properties you need already exist. 

For any missing properties, add a new property via the "+ADD NEW" button:

In this popup window you can enter the Title of the property you want to add, for example 'Contact telephone number':

From the drop-down list, select the Type of property depending on how you would like it to be displayed, and click SAVE:

In order to meet your needs while creating a form, you can choose the appropriate Type:

  • Single Line Text enables to create any single line text field in your form.

  • Multi Line Text allows to place expanded information in your form. Selecting this option you can also adjust the Row number and set Flexible length of the field. If the Non-Flexible mode is selected, the empty space of unused text lines will be saved to PDF,on the other hand if the Flexible mode is enabled, all unused text lines will be removed from the PDF. Please keep in mind that if you switch to Flexible mode, the final length and appearance of the PDF will depend on the amount of text entered.

  • Radiobuttons can be used to create a single selection option in the form. Here are examples of Radiobuttons:

To create the radio button on your form, please select Radiobuttons in Type list, enter the property name - Title, assign the Labels (to remove a label from the list, simply click the X next to it), and click SAVE.  

NOTE: for better presentation, use short label names. In case you need to provide a broader description, please use the Single Dropdown Select type instead.

  • Checkboxes can be used to create multiple selection option in the form. To create checkbox parameters, please follow the same steps as for the Radiobuttons.   

NOTE: for better presentation, use short label names. In case you need to provide a broader description, please use the Multiple Dropdown Select type instead.

  • Single & Multiple Dropdown Select can be used to create properties with a possibility to choose one or several options at a time. 

Single Dropdown Select
Multiple Dropdown Select

  • Also you have an opportunity to use: Sketch / SignatureDate, Time, Date and Time, Multi Photos, Numeric types, please use them in the best way.

For example, Multi Photos can be used for admission/boarding intake forms to photograph all the items that the owner wants to leave with his pet

After creating a property, you can drag it into the form. To change the location of a property in a form, please click and hold to the left of the property name and drag it to the appropriate place.

Also you can modify the property, set it as required or auto-filled as well as delete from the form. You can find out more about it HERE.