When you need to update the Monitoring parameter value on the flowsheet cell, and furthermore get these changes to be sent to ezyVet, please follow the steps described below for the 

If you have entered 101.4 for the Temperature on the patient's flowsheet but it should be 101.2, please click the cell and correct the value. Once you apply changes (by clicking Enter / Done), you will see updates in SmartFlow Medical Records. It will look like the patient's Temperature was two different values at the same time:

Also, this value will be updated in ezyVet Health Status:


NOTE: We warn you not to 'null' the cell (click on the cell, completely delete the value and press Enter / Done before entering a correct value), as it results in wrong data transfer to ezyVet. If you erase the cell, the SmartFlow will identify the parameter as removed: 

In this case, the parameter will be removed from ezyVet as well, and thus any further changes will be not transferred at all. Please watch this VIDEO for more details.


ALSO NOTE: When necessary, you can completely remove any executed Monitoring parameter from ezyVet Health Status by 'nulling' the cell in the SmartFlow flowsheet. Please be aware that in this case, the values entered into this flowsheet cell later will not be passed to ezyVet. However, this method of removal does not apply to billable items. Billable items can only be manually updated or removed directly from ezyVet.

We hope you found this information useful!