At times you may be notified about an upcoming release containing new features that is due to be released on a specific date, however you can't find it on the day mentioned, there are some key points you should know:

The SmartFlow system is closely related and dependent on the iPad accounts, that's why for any update, both web or iPad, you should always first update your iPad to the latest versio(you can find more details on how to do it HERE). 

By doing this you "activate" the new feature in the web version and then you can successfully use it.

To be sure your iPad account is always up to date we suggest setting up your iPad apps to automatically update. The following articles will be useful for setting your iPad to this mode:

- How to set up your iPad apps to automatically update?

- How to check "Auto-update apps" is active on your iPad?

NOTE: There is a separate updating processing for the MDM iPads which is described HERE.

We hope you found this information useful!