Instead of executing several parameters individually, you can create a single Group Code item that contains multiple parameters inside, with different predefined quantities and execute them simultaneouslyThus Group Codes are Smart Flow's version of your bundles, procedures and sales templates that you may already have available in your PIMS.

How to use this feature:

The processing and creating of this parameter is the same as for every standard parameter: you can create it (you can find out more about Group item creation HERE), and then add it to the patient's flowsheet and make a note when you execute it:

In case there is at least one billable item in the group list, this group parameter will be marked with a small green triangle (please find more details HERE), and therefore, after this parameter is executed, you can find all billable items in the Billing Report

NOTE: Please always pay attention to the quantity you assign to separate parameters within the Group parameter in the Settings. The system works in such a way that when you put initials or numbers in the appropriate cell the Total Quantity results are different. The screenshot below describes this in more detail:

Please watch this VIDEO for more details.