With Group Codes, instead of having to execute multiple parameters one by one you can now create a single group item which contains multiple parameters inside of it, these parameters can have different pre-set quantities! Group codes are Smart Flow's version of your bundles, procedures and sales templates that you may have available in your PIMS.

How to create:

The parameters related to the Picker List or Group could be created ONLY from the web account so to set these up, you will go to Settings > Parameters > + Add New to add a new parameter. :

Name the parameter to identify content uniquely (see the 'Catheter + BG' example below), from the Picker type drop-down menu, select Group, and then add any number of existing parameters both billable and non-billable to this group. 

Each of the added items have a field where you could enter the quantity of a specific item (in our example there are 2 Catheter setup, 1 Bandage and 1 BG). 

PLEASE NOTE: Now no medication, fluids and unmapped items can be added to the Group list to be then shown in any of your reports. In the example below, Bandage is created in the Smart Flow system but unmapped to EMR so it will just be added to the list and you can't see it in the Billing report (it's shown on the screenshots of the Billing report at the bottom of the article). 

ALSO NOTE, the Group type cannot be billed by itself. If you'd like to have items billed then they should already be created, as well as mapped appropriately with billing turned to ON (if you have an integrated EMR).

Finally hit "SAVE". After this all parameters in the list will be shown in alphabetical order and can be tracked from the Billing report (only billed items) and this parameter's Settings.

Any changes that need to be made to the Group item can be made through editing (please see THIS article for more instructions).

How to use:

The processing with this item is the same as for every usual parameter: you add it to the patient's flowsheet and make a note when you execute.

Once the item is executed you can open the Billing report for more details.

Please pay attention to the quantity you assign to the separate parameter from the Group list in the Settings. The system works in such a way that the Total Quantity results, when you put your initials, a short text comment, or numbers in the appropriate cell, are different. You can find more about it on the screenshot below:

All you need to do to have this option available on the web account is to update Smartflow App on the iPad.