You may notice sometimes when an item was completed in Smartflow then it's creating multiple invoices for the same day in ezyVet system. Often times it could be hospitalization and nursing charges showing each on a separate invoice, rather than one single invoice.

This matter relates to the integration process between Smartflow and your EMR that chooses how to create invoices in the system.
As Smartflow only sends data regarding treatments (parameter, value, to bill or not to bill), this behavior could be changed only through some settings on the ezyVet interface. We include instructions here for your convenience, but you should always work with ezyVet support if you're at all uncertain about how to set these settings up!

To solve this issue, you can use the following steps:

From the Admin Panel on ezyVet,  Settings, invoice parameters on the ezyVet side -> click on Properties: Invoice --> toggle to NOT split invoices

If it doesn't help we would really recommend you to contact ezyVet support HERE so they can check it and guide through all steps.