The newest update in ezyVet allows a patient to be automatically admitted and then automatically discharged from Smart Flow. This works with ezyVet's flagging system, and you can set up which flags will activate this auto admission and auto discharge functionality.

In ezyVet, in the Admin panel, under the Integrations section, click on the Smart Flow integration option. Down at the bottom you should see a toggle called Smart Flow Auto Checkin:

If you toggle this option on, you will see three options appear: Check-In Appointment Types, Check-In Appointment Statuses, and Check-Out Appointment Statuses. In these spots you can select which type of appointments will have the option to use the flag, i.e all exams, but not tech appointments, which flags when selected, will auto check in the patient, and which flags will auto discharge the patient. An example of filled in sections:

If you go back to the Dashboard and bring up the flags on a patient appointment, you will now notice a small blue S beside the flags that you have set up to trigger:

Now, whenever your staff selects these flags, the patient will be auto checked in to Smart Flow, and will be auto discharged from Smart Flow. 

From now on, your staff could select the Department (whiteboard) and treatment Template where patient should be sent after pushing Send to Smart Flow button on the patient's Clinical Record (more about patient's creation by using this option you can find in How to send a patient to Smart Flow from ezyVet?):

We hope you found this information useful!