When a clinic's flowsheet start time is at/near midnight you may notice some strange things happen at daylight savings, namely, you could have 2 days with the same date.

This behavior is related to DST. When it happens you have one additional hour that moves others but the count of the hours remains the same while the programme recognizes changes to the patient created throughout this period and the date of the flowsheet then recognized by the first hour.

For example, Since daylight savings ended on Saturday, Smart Flow added an extra 1AM to the November 4th sheets and the treatment sheet will end at 11 pm.

This meant that the following day flowsheets would "start" one hour earlier. If your clinic has your flowsheets set to start at 24:00, so when this change happened, the additional flowsheets for those patients already in hospital started at 23:00.

Since 23:00 now appeared on the following flowsheet - that flowsheet will be dated again with November 4. That's why it looks like there are two Nov 4 sheets - one starting at 24:00 (00:00 hrs), and the next starting at 23:00.

All next flowsheets would also begin at 23:00 and have the previous day date at the top but hours are counted correctly:

Please note, you should ALWAYS pay attention where the blue highlighting is situated and USE the blue highlighted column, even if the date on top seems wrong. It’s necessary, because current flowsheet is the flowsheet where blue bar is displayed and if you miss the day, then you’ll need to move all notes backwards manually.

I would also like to suggest you to read Daylight Savings Time was yesterday, and now the start time on my flowsheets is wrong where you can find more explanation and workaround for the DST period.