When a clinic's flowsheet start time is at/near midnight you may notice some strange things happen at daylight saving, namely, you could have a different start time of the flowsheet with one hour missed or 2 days with the same date. All this behavior is DST related. When that happens, you have another extra hour that moves others, but the number of hours per flowsheet day remains the same. In this way, SmartFlow recognizes all entries made during this period as Day 1 and then determines the date of Day 2 by its first hour. So that you will get two days of the same date.

For example, since daylight saving ended on Saturday, SmartFlow added an extra 1 AM to the November 4th sheets and the treatment sheet will end at 22:00 (not 23:00):

PLEASE NOTE: For Australia, New Zealand and Europe you will see a repetition of 2 AM as clocks are turned back at 3 AM.

If your clinic has your flowsheets set to start at 24:00 in the evening, after that change, all upcoming flowsheets, for patients already in the hospital, will begin at 23:00. Moreover, since the last working hour of Day 1 has now appeared on the second flowsheet, it will be also dated November 4. Therefore, you can see two treatment days with the same date - November 4. The first starts at 24:00 (as usual for the clinic) and the second at 23:00:

All of the following flowsheet days will also start at 23:00 with the shown date shifted one day back, while the actual date for the 8:00 entrance will be correct - November 6:

To avoid incorrect timestamps in the patient's medical records and not miss any days of treatment, please always follow the blue highlighting, even if the date on the flowsheet above appears to be incorrect. This blue highlighted column always indicates the current day and time, so you will not miss anything:

NOTE. If you accidentally missed the day or made the wrong entry, you will need to move all the notes backward manually.

We hope you found this information useful!