There is a setting within ezyVet that you would have to adjust in order to remove all the parameters from the record on EzyVet. You can set this up by following the steps below:

1. Go to your Admin panel in ezyVet.

2. Go to the Integration drop-down box on your left and Select Integrations:

3.  Select SmartFlow from the list of integration options:

4.  You have the option to decide which parameters you will allow access to remove directly from SmartFlow (the ones you would not like to be removed should not be selected with the blue tick) :


NOTE: Only selected non-billable Treatment Types can be removed automatically and replaced in ezyVet from SmartFlow as long as you 'null' the box (you can read up more about this feature HERE). Please be aware that in this case, the values entered into this flowsheet cell later will not be passed to ezyVet.

However, this method of removal does not apply to billable items, as SmartFlow can no longer pull charges off the invoice! Therefore, Billable items can only be manually updated or removed directly from the ezyVet.

We hope you found this information useful!