Utilization of more than one iPad for the same active (unfinalized) Anesthetic sheet may cause an undesirable effect that could become evident in two following ways:

1. It comes to the anesthetic sheet data missing that's caused by creating the Anesthetic sheet in the offline mode.

Specifically: if you create an anesthetic sheet on the iPad while it is not connected to the internet - our server doesn't know that it was created. When someone opens anesthetic sheet on another iPad (because people want to create a new sheet or they are just checking if there is one) - this new iPad can not synchronize with the anesthetic sheet created offline and tries to create a new empty one which can replace the first original Anesthetic sheet.

Solution: To prevent this from happening, each time you try to create new Anesthetic sheet you will get the pop-up window that should remind you to think: Can it be an anesthetic sheet for that patient on a different iPad from the one you're using now? 

More information about this case and possible solutions you can find HERE.

2. It can result in the data mixing of the different Anesthetic pages.

Specifically: one iPad has been used to create an anesthesia sheet on the earlier date and then that iPad got into the sleep mode or lost connection to the internet. After another iPad was used to create new anesthesia page on the recent date. A little later the 1st iPad regained the connection and synced the data to the server. This caused the data from the old page to merge with the new one.

Solution: If you can avoid it, we recommend using the same iPad for the whole duration of the anesthesia to avoid the chances of such case arising. If this happens you can workaround this by finalizing the mixed sheet and starting a new one. If a considerable amount of time passed then let us know and our development team will be able to restore the data.

NOTE: For now, there is almost no possibility to restore the results of the anesthesia itself.

We hope you found this information useful!