Utilization of more than one iPad for the same active (unfinalized) Anesthetic sheet may cause undesirable effects. 

One of the most worrisome problems is when conflicts arise from the creation of an anesthesia sheet in Offline mode, whether it's intentional or due to a weak Wi-Fi signal.

If you create an anesthetic sheet on one iPad while it is offline, our server won't be aware of it. This becomes problematic when someone else opens the anesthetic sheet on a different iPad. Instead of synchronizing with the offline sheet, the new iPad tries to create a new anesthesia sheet.  

If the offline iPad reconnects to wifi and goes online again, the previously created offline anesthetic sheet will be sent to the server. However, this will result in a conflict because another iPad has already created a different instance of the anesthetic sheet. In order to resolve this conflict, the server will delete both versions of the anesthetic sheet. 

It is important to note that this conflict resolution will happen at any time while the anesthetic sheet is not finalized.

To address this issue, we have implemented a solution. Each time you attempt to create a new anesthetic sheet, a pop-up window will appear.  This pop-up will appear if there is not an anesthesia sheet on the server already.  If an anesthesia sheet was expected, the user will want to cancel the creation of a new anesthesia sheet and check with other users if the anesthesia sheet had been created.  If the answer is yes, that anesthesia sheet was created on an iPad that is offline and to move forward, find the iPad, make sure it is connected to the wifi, so that the anesthesia sheet will sync with the server. This simple reminder will help prevent accidental duplication of sheets, which can result in loss of data. 

More information about this case and possible solutions you can find HERE.

The second issue that can arise due to using multiple iPads to create an anesthesia event is duplication.  

If both iPads are online and two users are attempting to create an anesthesia workup with templates, this can result in the templates not merging but duplicating all the parameters.  

To minimize the risk of the two scenarios mentioned above, it is strongly recommended to use the same iPad throughout the entire duration of the patient's anesthesia.

If an anesthesia sheet is lost due to a conflict of multiple iPads being used you can reach out to Support.  Although it should be noted there is a strong possibility that the data could be lost.  Also the data that we can recover will not be in the format that is normally seen.

We hope you found this information useful!