Sometimes, you may have some items on a flowsheet that would normally be billable, but you select to exclude billing for a particular line item or its single administration.

However, if you are using ezyVet integration and the item is added to the flowsheet section with the ezyVet Sync Treatment Type set to ALL, remember that each event for this treatment type will be processed. This means that ezyVet will process this item as if it were set to be included in the billing. To avoid any unexpected payments, we strongly recommend that you check your clinic's ezyVet Integration Settings as follows:

1. Procedures and Medications (usually payable) that you want to bill should be set to Billable to be transferred to your invoice.
2. Any other treatment type that is is not payable but you want to synchronize with ezyVet
should be set to All, for example monitoring items:

For more on our recommended default settings for ezyVet and SmartFlow integration, see this FAQ or contact your Customer Success Specialist.

We hope you found this information useful!