Any time you save a medication on a template , both on a flowsheet or an anesthetic sheet, the medication will save with the dosage you entered. Then, when you next open that template on a new patient, the dosage will be there, ready to be used to calculate the dose for the new patient using Smart Flow's calculator.

You can also easily edit the dosage for the new patient, should you decide that you want to treat that patient with a higher or lower dosage.

To save the medication you first add it to the flowsheet:

Once all the medications you need are added, you open the menu on the right and select "SAVE AS TEMPLATE" and enter a new template name:

Now, whenever you apply this template, it will include the medications you've added with set dosages.

Also, before saving the template, make sure that the medication is using correct measurement units and concentration/dosage are matching, as it will be set as default each time you load the template. (Please be advised that screenshots include placeholder values.)