When you add and save any medication on the flowsheet, the medication will be saved with the dosage you enteredboth on a template or on an anesthetic sheet. When you use that Template on a new patient, the dosage will be there, ready to be used to calculate the dose for a new patient using Smart Flow calculator.

You can also easily edit the dosage for a new patient, should you decide that you want to treat that patient with a higher or lower dosage.

To save the medication, please add it to the flowsheet:

NOTE: Make sure that the medication is using correct measurement units and concentration/dosage are matching, as it will be set as default each time you load the template:

Once all the medications you need are added, open the patient options on the right side and select Save as Template:

 Enter a template name > and then click DONE (to confirm your actions):

Now, whenever you apply this template, it will include the medications you've added with set dosages.

We hope you found this information useful!