Of course, Smart Flow enables you to see which parameters have a note added to them and when. If a note is entered into a flowsheet or anesthetic sheet cell, it appears in the Notes section, with a timestamp and the parameter name before it.

For example, below a note was entered for 2 Hydromorphone on the flowsheet:

NOTE: If you enter a note for a billable parameter, you will be asked to choose if the parameter should be executed and billed at that moment or not:

This note will be accessible from the Notes section on both the web and iPad:

From the web

1. Click Notes on the right-hand side panel of the flowsheet:

2. View all notes, including the parameter name and timestamp which indicates when the note was added:

From the iPad

1. Open Notes section by tapping on the notes icon: 


2. It will give you access to all notes:


Drag the arrow icon to the left:

This will make Notes visible on the iPad screen:

NOTE: It is possible to edit and delete recent notes, please read THIS article for more details.

We hope you found this information useful!