When the highlighting is successfully changed on a template, but then you open the template on a new patient and the changes are not there, the most likely cause is associated with the frequency you have chosen for your template.

To get the highlighting to show up for the first set of vitals when you open the template, you need to choose the frequency of every "24 hours", instead of "Once".

While this may seem strange, the reason for this is historical. The frequency option that we now have of "None" was a development released in Feb 2018. It is very useful for when you want to add something to a flowsheet, but want to manually input the time when it happens, e.g. giving diazepam to a seizure patient. This can be applied to both new parameters, or when editing existing parameters. HERE is the video to demonstrate this functionality. 

Prior to having "None", when someone wanted to enter something on a flowsheet in that manner, they had to choose "Once" and then manually delete the resulting highlight. There was room for error if that highlighting wasn't removed.

So - since we didn't have a "None" option prior to Feb 2018, we had two options when making templates. If we wanted something to be on the sheet with NO highlighting - we chose a frequency of "Once". If we wanted something to be on the sheet with one set of highlighting - we choose "24 Hours". 

We have so many users with templates created prior to Feb 2018 that we didn't want to change a major functionality. So if the template you are trying to edit was created pre Feb 2018, you still need to choose "24 hours" as opposed to once.