When you add a treatment to the patient's flowsheet, it is important to plan how often and when (timing) it should be monitored and completed. Once any parameter is added or edited you will see two fields: 

  • Start at (o'clock) - this gives you an opportunity to choose the time to begin the treatment, regardless of the flow sheet's initial start time; 
  • Continue every (hours) - a drop-down list which enables you to set the appropriate treatment frequency, this corresponds to the highlighting on the patient's flowsheet. 

From the Continue every (hours) drop-down list the below frequency options are available:

  • None - It is very useful if you want to add a parameter to flowsheet but don't know the exact time it needs to be performed. In this case you can set the time manually when it occurs (eg giving Diazepam to a seizure patient). In this case any cells for this parameter can be highlighted when necessary. Please watch THIS video for more details. 
  • Once - Can be used for the parameters that need to be performed only once during the whole treatment (eg. Microchip). This parameter will have a single highlighting which appears on one particular hospitalization day only

NOTE: When Adding an additional day to the flowsheet (by Add 24 hours) with the Copy option selected, each copied items will be highlighted, except those with a frequency Once. Considering this if you need to add an additional hospitalization day with the exact same treatment highlighting you need to select the Template option (instead of copy, while Add 24 hours) or change the parameters highlighting from Once to 24 hrs so parameters will be highlighted correctly. Please be aware that you would need to save current flowsheet as a template, and only then you would be able to use it at Copy Template option.

  • value from 1hr. to 24hrs. - This option is used to set up a customized frequency and get parameter highlighting that corresponds to your treatment plan. For exapmle, if the 1hr frequency is chosen, each cell will be highlighted. On the other hand,in the case of 24hrs only one cell will be highlighted per day. 

NOTE: Unlike the Once option the 24hrs option is repeated on every additional day added to the flowsheet even if it is created as a Copy.

These options can be applied to both newly added parameters as well as existing ones whilst editing. Also the highlighting will be saved on the template. Please use THIS article for reference.

NOTE: We would highly recommend setting/changing the frequency of the item through the editing pop-up window rather than manually.

We hope you found this information useful!