Is your PIMS integrated with Cubex? Do you experience problems with items being billed for twice? If so, please read on for some important information regarding your billing settings.

In your EMR Settings, if you have 'SEND BILLING & MEDICAL RECORDS TO EMR' option switched "ON", your PIMS will receive treatment events from both Smart Flow & Cubex. As a result of this, items will get billed for twice on the invoice!

To solve this problem you will see the option in 'Settings' > 'Parameters' > 'Edit' parameter to toggle a setting named 'IN CUBEX' to either ON or OFF. If 'In Cubex' is "ON" then SmartFlow will NOT send treatment events to your PIMS.

Please note: This settings switch will only be visible if your Smart Flow account is connected to Cubex, & only for mapped inventory. By default this setting is switched to "OFF".