If a note left in a cell contains more than one word, it will not be transferred into health status in ezyVet: 

but instead, it will become a part of the Notes section:

ezyVet is expecting a numeric value for the monitoring parameters, such as Temperature, RR, Pulse, etc., so if you enter two words (or two letters separated by a space), it will go to the notes line in the health status:

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NOTE: The information you put in the Notes/Instruction box of a parameter (medication or other) doesn't flow into ezyVet, nor does it show up directly on the Flowsheet PDF:

However, for legal reasons, this information will show up on the SmartFlow Medical Records PDF once the parameter is signed off in SmartFlow.

If you would like this information to go directly into the Notes in SmartFlow and ezyVet, there is a quick workaround. This makes sense when you are using a parameter such as Owner Medication, as you would like to be able to reference this information easily. When completing the treatment, please copy&paste this instruction into the cell. For example, when tapping the cell to enter initials on the iPad, you will see the note regarding the medication to the side. Simply press those instructions until the iPad gives you the option to copy. You will notice the words to be highlighted in blue. You may have to use the small darker blue dots to stretch the copy area over the entire instructions:

Once copied, paste those instructions in the type box and add your initials, so that your input will appear in the Notes section:

We hope you found this information useful!