Our Smart Flow University is managed by a company specializing in online training programs. If you are having issues accessing a video, we will ask them for support assistance on your behalf.

First, please ensure that you don't have any browser plugins or software blocking applications turned on (or at least, switch your settings off temporarily to see if that solves the issue). We rely on Vimeo for video delivery, so if you are watching the videos on a work computer for example, Vimeo may be blocked by your company's firewall.

The minimum information that we need to begin the troubleshooting process is a screenshot of the full browser window (including the URL) with the error. Please note that without at least seeing the issue, it would be impossible for our tech support to offer any suggestions due to the huge number of potential causes (e.g. IP restrictions, firewalls, browser security settings etc).

If you let us know which video(s) you're having issues with, our support team can log into your account to try some initial troubleshooting. This can help identify if the issue is specific to your computer (perhaps for the reasons suggested above) or if the issue is with the course material itself.