Wondering how long it takes the app to synchronize? The SmartFlow app will automatically look for a connection every 20 seconds to sync! 

Each time you sign into the SmartFlow app on your iPad, a message will appear in the center of your screen that says "Synchronizing...". Once complete, the message will disappear and the app will automatically open up your whiteboard:

Each time you launch the app from your home screen (after signing in), the bar below will appear. It is important NOT to close the app while it is synchronizing!

There are a couple of factors that may cause the app to take longer to synchronize. These include:

  • If the iPad has not synced for an extended period of time

  • If you have a lot of patients on your whiteboard at one time

Remember to be patient and allow the app the time it needs to synchronize!

We hope you found this information useful!