While there's no current option to change a patient name (due to the fact that it is a legal document), there are a few workaround options.

If you discover that you are on the wrong patient prior to starting the anesthesia, you can simply save the anesthetic protocol as a template (being in the editing mode):


Then open that template under the correct patient. Please find more details on how to create and save a template HERE.

If you have already started the anesthetic monitoring under the wrong patient, you can finish the procedure under that patient and then download the PDF document, attach it to your EMR correct patient file and make a note about what happened. You can then print the document and scan it / take a picture, then add it into our system under the correct patient.

You can also stop the Anesthetic Sheet and delete it from that patient's file, and then open a new one under the correct patient. Don't forget to make notes regarding the missing time/information on the patient's file.

We hope you found this information useful!