This warning pop-up is aimed to prevent the creation of a new Anesthetic Sheet before you make sure that there is no active anesthesia for this patient running on another iPad, which may now be offline. Below you will find a detailed explanation of why it is so important.

If the iPad is not connected to the internet and someone created an anesthetic sheet, it cannot be synchronized with the SmartFlow cloud server, so no one in your SmartFlow account knows about that anesthesia. Therefore, when you open anesthesia for this patient on another iPad with a stable internet connection (for example, if you want to check if a patient already has an anesthetic sheet), you will not see this already created sheet, but create a new one instead. This new anesthetic sheet will be successfully sent to the server. So when the original iPad goes online, it syncs with the server, receives this new blank sheet, and replaces the initial offline one. As a result, you lose all the monitoring data recorded offline.

Considering, that some hospitals have areas where they do not have an internet connection (such as MRI), we want to warn you and ask to make sure you have no active Anesthetic Sheet for the patient (on any other iPads) before creating a new one, as it can potentially overwrite an existing sheet.

When you access a patient's anesthetic sheet, you will see one of the following screens. We will explain a bit about each of them as we go along, but if you are never using the anesthetic sheet from more than one iPad per patient, you can always just hit Create new button in the pop-up and carry on as usual. The only time you need to stop and think about this pop-up is if you may have an anesthetic for this patient on an iPad other than the one you are using.

What do you see on the screen?

What does it mean?

Upon seeing this warning, you can be sure that the server does not know of any active anesthetic sheet for this patient. However, if you use more than one iPad at your clinic, it may be possible that someone running anesthesia for this patient while being offline.

You can skip this warning by selecting Create New if:
- There is the only one iPad that can be used during anesthesia;
- You are just starting out with this patient.

Otherwise, select Cancel and make sure that the patient does not have an active Anesthetic Sheet on any other iPads (including offline). If not, you can go back and create a new Anesthetic Sheet usual.

If the server knows of an active Anesthetic Sheet for that patient, you will instead see one of the following:

This patient's anesthetic sheet has been initiated but hasn't been started yet.

This patient's anesthetic has just begun, but there is no monitoring entered yet on this page.

This patient is being actively monitored during anesthesia.

We hope you found this information useful!