If you are receiving the following notification, this is likely due to an anesthetic sheet having been created on the iPad whilst you are not connected to the internet.

In such instances, our server doesn't know that the anesthetic sheet was created. This can occur if your internet speed is below our minimum recommendation, or if you suffer a temporary reduction in your internet speed.

If someone opens the anesthetic sheet on another iPad (e.g. if they're wanting to check if the patient has an anesthetic sheet), this new iPad doesn't know that there is an anesthetic sheet created already, & so creates a new one.

At the same time the new anesthetic sheet is sent to the server, & then when the original iPad gets into the area with internet, it is conflicting with the second anesthetic sheet created & this results in it being replaced with the new empty anesthetic sheet.

This notification is designed to give you the warning so that in the event of you just wanting to check if the patient already has an anesthetic sheet, you can simply select CANCEL. Whereas if you do want to create a new anesthetic sheet, you can select CREATE NEW.