In this document, we will cover:

  • What problem we solved with this feature
  • How the feature works
  • What you might see when using the anesthetic sheet

The problem:

When an iPad isn't connected to the internet and creates an anesthetic sheet, our "Cloud" server doesn't know this sheet exists. 

If someone opens the anesthetic sheet on another ("new") iPad (e.g. if they're wanting to check if the patient has an anesthetic sheet), this new iPad doesn't know that there is an anesthetic sheet created already, & so creates a new one.

At the same time the new anesthetic sheet is sent to the server, & then when the original iPad gets into the area with internet, it is conflicting with the second anesthetic sheet created & this results in it being replaced with the new empty anesthetic sheet.

Our solution:

Some hospitals have areas where they have no internet connectivity (MRI for example), and we want to make sure you have the ability to check if a patient has an anesthetic sheet that is synced with the cloud without creating a new one and potentially causing the existing sheet to be overwritten.

How it works:

When you access an anesthetic sheet for a patient, you will see one of the following screens. We will explain a bit about each of them as we go along, but if you are never using the anesthetic sheet from more than one iPad per patient, you can always just hit "Create new" when you see the popup and carry on as usual. The only time you need to "Think" about the popup is if you may have an anesthetic sheet for that patient on a different iPad from the one you're using.

What you see
What it means
The majority of the time, you will see this screen:

When you see this alert, you know the server doesn't know of any anesthetic sheet for that patient. If you are just starting with this patient, you can select Create new and carry on as usual.

This notification is designed to give you the warning so that in the event of you just wanting to check if the patient already has an anesthetic sheet, you can simply select Cancel

If the server knows of an active anesthetic sheet for that patient, you will instead see one of the following:

This patient's anesthetic sheet has been initiated, but hasn't been started yet.

This patient's anesthetic has just begun, but there is no monitoring entered yet on this page.

This patient is being actively monitored during anesthetic.